How the system works

There are two separate processes that need to be followed for a venue to sell alcohol.

The first process is getting development approval from the local council. The second process is getting a liquor licence through the NSW government.

When a venue selling alcohol is established, the local council are the first authority made aware of this process. This is because a venue that is being ‘fitted out’ for the sale of alcohol or is changing its business to sell alcohol needs to firstly go through the Development Application (DA) process which is overseen by the local council.  

A venue also needs a liquor licence to be allowed to sell alcohol. The liquor licence approval process managed by the NSW government Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority (ILGA). This also involves in local councils who have a key role in the Community Impact Statement (CIS) process.

This flowchart explains the steps of both the local council DA process and the ILGA liquor licence process and where you can get involved.

Read the Fact Sheet about the DA process.

Read the Fact Sheet about objecting to liquor licenses.

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